Several new publications

We published several new papers / reviews on noncoding RNAs in immunity and genetic diseases and Salmonella virulence strategies: Schmerer N, Schulte LN Long noncoding RNAs in bacterial infection WIRES RNA, (IF 6.8), in press, Linden G, Janga H, Franz M, Nist A, Stiewe T, Schmeck B, Vázquez O, Schulte LN Efficient antisense inhibition reveals microRNA-155 to restrain a late-myeloid inflammatory programme in primary human phagocytes RNA Biology, (IF 5.35), in press, Walther K, Schulte LN. The role of lncRNAs in innate immunity and inflammation. RNA Biology (IF 5.35), 2021, doi:…

RMU RNA Salon 2020

Many thanks to all speakers and participants of our online RMU RNA Salon 2020 for the great presentations and discussions! Hopefully see you again in person in 2021.

Milstein Abstract Award & Cytokines 2020

Many thanks to the International Cytokine and Interferon Society (ICIS) and the Milstein Family for the Milstein Abstract Award, presented to Leon Schulte during the Cytokines 2020 meeting. It was an exciting conference with great speakers and many interesting Lightning Talks.
New paper published in PNAS

New paper published in PNAS

Our paper, revealing long non-coding RNA MaIL1 as a component of the TLR4-TRIF immune signaling pathway is now out in PNAS. We reveal MaIL1 as a critical component of type I interferon-mediated innate antibacterial defense in human macrophages. The paper also reports previously unknown subclasses of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), co-sedimenting with different cellular protein machineries, and describes a new workflow for lncRNA mechanistic investigation.
MarBiNa Prize 2018

MarBiNa Prize 2018

For our work on fluorescent dyes facilitating host-pathogen interaction studies we have been awarded the 2018 MarBiNa prize. We want to thank the Marburg Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Initiative for this honorable award.

Symposium “Genomics approaches in RNA biology”

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Minisymposium "Genomics approaches in RNA biology" which will be held at our institute on October 24th 2018. The RNA Salon series brings thogether scientist from the RNA field in the Rhein Main area. Please find the program and directions below: Program 5. RMU_RNA_Salon How to get to the BMFZ